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! Our seeds are sold as novelty items and souvenirs. They contain 0% THC. We encourage our customers to check the legislation in their Country, State or Province and Municipality prior to purchasing items from this store. In the US, we do not ship to Kansas or Kentucky, We do not provide growing advice.

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5 packs 12 seeds in each pack for $75, in the notes section choose which 5 packs you want.

NS= “Natural Selections” Open pollination with different males.


  1. Acapulco Gold NS
  2. “Autobahn” (Biscotti Sherb x RP 43′) @dnaseeds NS
  3. 3 Chem Papaya @oni NS
  4. Apple Fritter Cinderella 99 NS
  5. Apples and Bananas Sour Best @compound NS
  6. ATF x ATF NS
  7. Alder Point Sour @aficianado NS
  8. Area 51 x Rainbow Belts SOLD OUT
  9. “Apple Pie” (Slymer x Sour Apple IBL)
  10. AMG Sour @aficinado NS
  11. 93 Octane
  12. 88 G13 Hashplant NS
  13. 3 Queens Under Fire NS
  14. Acapulco Gold Runtz NS
  15. Apple Fritter NS
  16. Black Gushers @cranecity NS
  17. Blissful Wizard 32 Runtz Ns
  18. Lemon Tree Strawberries and Cream
  19. Black Runtz x Rainbow Belts sold out
  20. Bluedream Dosido NS
  21. Strawguava Bluntz @bloom NS
  22. Starfighter Runtz NS
  23. Beavs @Archive NS
  24. “Black Eye Baker” (Four Prophets x Kosher Kush x Challah Bread) @dna NS
  25. Black Lime Reserve Coca Cola Rootbeer NS
  26. Blue Knight Dosido NS
  27. Cookie Crumpet NS
  28. Chem 91 William Wonder @skunkbank NS
  29. Candy Gas Melon (Candy Gas (Runtz x Gelato 41) x Melon) @karma NS
  30. Cherry Lime Pure Kush Royal Kush @meangene NS
  31. Candy Bubba @lamade bagseed NS
  32. “Candy Shop” (Runtz Truffelz) @aficinado NS
  33. “Cherry Berry” (AK47 (Cherry Ludens Cough Drop) x Blue Bonnet) NS
  34. Chem D Purple Unicorn Wookie @bodhi NS
  35. Cap Junky s1 @cap NS (sold out)
  36. Doi Chaang (Thailand Landrace) NS
  37. Dozizoz Banana Pie NS
  38. Dosido Animal Cookies NS
  39. Dead Hot Strawberries @oni NS
  40. Dino Belts (Meatbreath Mendo Montage Rainbow Belts) NS
  41. Dominion G (Capital G x Dominion Skunk) NS
  42. Devil Crasher NS
  43. Garlic Breath 2.0 Wilson
  44. East Coast Sour Diesel Romulan NS
  45. DNA Cake 93 Octane NS
  46. Meatbreath x Mac NS
  47. Loompa Headband Sour Dubb NS
  48. Duct Tape x Sour Trop NS
  49. Durban Poison NS
  50. Dj Shorts Blue Berry New Berry NS
  51. Chem 4 Sin Mint NS
  52. Fruity Pebble Bubble Gum Chem @modus NS
  53. Pineapple Pez Melonatta Cherry Dosido Wilson
  54. Emergen-C @seedjunky NS
  55. Fatso Bx1 Wilson
  56. Face Off OG Bx2 G45 Blood Orange NS
  57. GDP Original Haze
  58. Gastro Pop NS
  59. Giesel Roseflo
  60. Goji OG Watermelon Granita Mean Ringz
  61. Grape Ape NS
  62. Gas Pump @sincity NS
  63. Gelato Lemon Apricot NS
  64. Grape Gas NS
  65. GG4 Lime NS
  66. Gelly Milk Blue 16 NS
  67. Hollywood Pure Kush 88G13 Hashplant NS
  68. Honey Banana Agent Orange NS
  69. “Juicy Dreams” (Kush Dreams x Juice) NS
  70. Hells Angels OG Peach NS
  71. Redbullz NS
  72. Jungle Breath NS
  73. Indiana Bubble Gum Girl Scout Cookie NS
  74. MS ??? NS (no clue what the cross) grow great super resin silver hues, smells like kush/floral
  75. Chocolate Chunk Heavy Duty Fruit @akbeans NS
  76. Jager NS
  77. Animal Cookie GMO TK Skunk
  78. Peach Perfection @crockett NS
  79. Indiana Bubble Gum Runtz Wilson
  80. Hawaiin Dutch NS
  81. Ice Cream Cake Runtz @nineweeks NS
  83. Khalifa Kush Menthol NS
  84. Kosher Buffalo
  85. Starfighter Wilson Bx
  86. Kushmints NS
  87. Skunkband (Headband x Dominion Skunk) NS
  88. Tom Hill Haze NS
  89. Krip Reaper @ghostgrow x Mean Ringz
  90. Khash North-Eastern Afghan Landrace Badakshan province NS
  91. Kushkak Collected in Afghanistan’s Balkh province) NS
  92. Kushmints x Guavaz @bloom NS
  93. Key Mint OG Runtz NS
  94. Kali Ram (India Landrace) NS
  95. Sour Peach Ringz
  96. Sophies Breath x Wilson
  97. “Souhtern Lights” (Rubber Afghani Chem D Irene Manic) NS
  98. “Spankmaster”(Sunset Sherb Big Buns @cap x Wilson)
  99. Topdawg Sour 2018 NS
  100. Tashqurghan Kholm Afghan Landrace NS
  101. Tropaya NS
  102. Tropicanna Tina Sour Trop NS
  103. The One @clakamuscoot NS
  104. Tanzania (East African Landrace) NS
  105. NL5 Oil Can Coca Cola Rootbeer Ns
  106. Gello NS
  107. Tropicanna F2 NS NOT AVAILABLE
  108. The White OG NS
  109. Black Lime Reserve Testarossa Pam F2 NS
  110. Tahoe OG NS
  111. Topanga Canyon Pure Kush S1 NS
  112. Triangle Kush Northern Lights Lime NS
  113. Tropicanna Cookies Runtz NS
  114. Tropnana NS
  115. Legend Og Big Buns @cap bagseed Ns
  116. Loompas Headband Key lime Aid Ns
  117. Limoncito
  118. “Local Skunk” (Local H Skelly Hashplant Skunk) Ns
  119. Lemon Tree Grease Monkey NS
  120. LA Kush Cake NS
  121. Lime Pop 88G13 Hashplant NS
  122. Legend OG 88G13 Hasplant NS
  123. LA Juice ((SSLA x Juice ) x Strawnana Juice) Ns
  124. Lemon Kush Romulan NS
  125. “Mad Dog” (Albert Walker x Alber Walker Dog) NS
  126. Motorbreath NS
  127. Moms Jello Mendo Montage NS
  128. Mendo Breath Ns
  129. MTN Trop Bx NS
  130. Manic NS
  131. MACroons Double G NS
  132. Lemon Tree Why U Gelly Mean Mug NS
  133. Melted Mocha (Swiss Miss x Challah Bread) @dna NS
  134. Malawi Gold 3 Chem NS
  135. Mazar Sharif NS
  136. Melon Cake NS
  137. King Mamba (Cali Kush Farms) Ns
  138. Animal Cookies Crippy Kush NS
  139. Motor Breath Banana Punch Ns
  140. Zerbert Horchata @wyeast NS
  141. Mac N Cheese @bigbuddha NS
  142. Mean Mug BC2 (GMO Rootbeer BC2) @meangene Ns
  143. “Moonboots” (White Tahoe Cookies Moonbow) @archive Ns
  144. Green Crack ON Haze Ns
  145. Gorilla Snacks Cherry Stout NS
  146. GMO Blue Bonnett NS
  147. Grape Pie Kushmints Ns
  148. GDP Haze Peach Ringz
  149. Orange Mint Sorbet Runtz @nineweeks NS
  150. OGKB Platinum NS
  151. Fire OG Garlic Skunk NS
  152. Original Haze x Rainbow Belts NS
  153. Original Amnesia NS
  154. Orange Acai Menthol NS
  155. Passion Pit @capulator NS
  156. PuTang Nevil Chem Ns
  157. Peanut Butter Breath Wilson NS
  158. Panama Red NS
  159. Ice Cream Cake Sour D Nigerian IBL Wilson
  160. Purple Kusk MK Ultra Ns
  161. Cuban Black Haze Wilson Sour
  162. Pink Lemonade Froyo Biscotti NS
  163. Peanut Butter Breath Rainbow Belts NS
  164. Peach Ringz F2 sold out
  165. Sunset Sherb Emerald OG GG4 (Omiga) Wilson
  166. Pez Sour
  167. Piff Mints NS
  168. Boax Otto Boax Colorado Cherry Wilson
  169. Sunset Runtz Biscotti Sherb Mean Ringz
  170. Skunk Puck Hash Plant Ns
  171. Strawpicanna NS
  172. Sour Diesel Runtz Wilson
  173. Slot Machine (Golden Fortunes x ’93 Octane) @dna NS
  174. OG Kush Granddaddy Purple Wilson
  175. Sour Dubb Giesel Ns
  176. Mai Tai Jungle Cake Ns
  177. Sour Apple Paris Kush NS
  178. Saipan Wilson
  179. RS54 Mean Ringz
  180. Rootbeer in Panama NS
  181. Rowdy Chem (Chem 91 Figure Four) Ns
  182. Pineapple Express Moonbow NS
  183. Rude Boi Blood Orange Wilson
  184. Royal Kush NS
  185. Romulan @akbean NS
  186. Rainbow Chip Froyo NS
  187. Runtz CapJunky NS
  188. Royal Purple Afghan NS
  189. Rustan Kush (afghan landrace) NS
  190. Runtz Cookies and Cream Ns
  191. Rancor Skunk Ns
  192. White Russian NS
  193. Animal Animal Sour Strawberry Cherry West Ns
  194. Pure Michigan Wilson
  195. TK91 Peach OZ Wilson
  196. Violet Flame Under Fire NS
  197. Pulga Village Strain ( Parvati/Himalayin valley) NS
  198. Blue Power Papaya NS
  199. Presidential OG Clementine NS
  200. Sour Kush @moppingterps NS
  201. Super Lemon Haze NS
  202. Sourface Ns
  203. Strawnana NS
  204. Dinafem Cheese Wilson
  205. Slurricane NS
  206. Sunset Sherb Wedding Crasher The Great Gumball NS
  207. UK Cheese Guava Cubed Ns
  208. Girl Scout Cookies PCS1 @koma NS
  209. Caked Up Cherries NS
  210. Choke Cherry NS
  211. Grape Octane Menthol Wilson
  212. JJ Topdawg Sour Karma Sour D NS
  213. Band Aid Haze Pre 98 Ns
  214. Nom Nom Mac Wilson
  215. Balkh (afghan landrace) Ns
  216. Watermelon Zum Zum Blue Power NS
  217. Kushmints Dosido Ns
  218. First Class Funk Wilson
  219. White Tahoe Skunk Ns
  220. Wilson F3 NS
  221. White Caddilac Sour Trop Wilson
  222. Watermelon Granita NS
  223. Ice Cream Man Wilson
  224. Sour OG GMO Fuel Wilson
  225. Zlushies Wilson NS


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