15 for 400 2.0

15 for 400 2.0


15 for 400 Deuces

15 packs with 12 regular seeds per pack

Choose from the following list

Limit to one per item.

  1. Sould out
  2. OZBP X Wilson F1
  3. Zkittles Grease Monkey
  4. Trop Gun wilson X Wilson
  5. Participation Trophy (Tahoe OG x Death Star x Mainline OG) X Wilson
  6. Race Fuel X SourFace (No Wilson)
  7. Sherbert Docizos X Wilson
  8. Grease Monkey Zkittles X Wilson
  9. Skywalker X MonkeyBerries
  10. Purple Jellato
  11. Sundae Driver Cherry Dosido
  12. PoontangPie X Monkey Berries 
  13. Gsc Polynesian Thin Mint X Wilson 
  14. Melted Ice Cream X mac X Wilson
  15. Face-Off OG I95 StarDawg X Wilson
  16. Grease Monkey Purple Punch 2.0 X Wilson
  17. Military Chocolate Wilson IX
  18. Face-Off OgBx2 g45 Blood Orange X Wilson 
  19. Gmo Deathstar mainline Og X Wilson 
  20. Cherry Kush Animal Cookies Dosido X Wilson 
  21. Wedding Crasher S1
  22. Cap’s Incense (Sunleaf)
  23. Bailing Wire(JB Weld X Faux Fana) X Wilson 
  24. Banana Biscotti Cocomero X Wilson
  25. Lime Pop 88g13HP X WIlson
Grape Mintz Auto

Grape Mintz Auto


bundle pack contains 1 pack of Grape Mintz Autos (6 seeds) from @captn.plantit

as well as 1 top tier pack from Masonic Seeds

and 4 dealer choice packs.