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5 Seed packs for 150

Choose and pick your own Bundle

5 Packs 12 Regular Seeds Per pack.

Includes 1 Pack from Our  “No Wilson Line”  dealers Choice

Includes1 Pack Dealers Choice  Auto Fem (6 Fem Auto Seeds) From @captn.plantit

From the list below choose which 5 strains you want
and write it in the notes section at check out.

This 5 for 150 is just in case our  5 for 150 app Isn’t working properly. https://masonicseeds.co/seeds/build-your-own-bundle-150/

  1. “Peach Fuzz” (Tk91 Peach 02 X Wilson F2)
  2. Big Miracle X Wilson
  3. Cherry Wine Cbd X Wilson
  4. Chem Ak47 X Wilson
  5. Dubb Trop Bx X Wilson
  6. Ultra Wilson (Grape Octane Menthol X Wilson F2)
  7. “Spock 2022” Romulan @akbeanbrains X Wilson F2
  8. “Wilson Bomb” Jager X Wilson
  9. “Wilson’s Wonder 91” (Chem 91 X Williams Wonder X Wilson F2)
  10. Josh D X Wilson
  11. Kimbo Kush Mad Max X Wilson
  12. “Pozole” (Emerald Cup Og Tangie Sunset Sherb GG4) X Wilson
  13. “Queso”(Cheese @DinaFem X Wilson F2)
  14. “WilZum” Watermelon Zum Zum X Blue Power X Wilson
  15. “Dead Ass Spock B”( ECSD x Romulan x Wilson)
  16. “Wilson Berry” (Cherry Berry X Wilson)
  17. Lemai Bread Fruit X WilsonF2
  18. Willys Pissed (Urinal Cake X Wilson)
  19. Papaya Bread X Wilson
  20. “poetry” (boax otto boax colorado cherry x wilson)
  21. “La Rosca” (Heavy Duty Fruit Chocolate Chunk X Wilson)
  22. “Brain Batter” (Cake Batter Sour Trop Bx1 X WilsonF2)
  23. Pure Cream X Oz Melon X Wilson
  24. ” Selva” (“Jungle Breath”= Motor Breath Jungle Cake X Wilson F2)
  25. Dj Blueberry New Berry x Wilson
  26. “DoomTrain” (Meatbreath MAC X Wilson F2)
  27. “Dubb- Rag”( Loompas Head Band Sour Dubb X Wilson!)
  28. Slurricane F1 x Wilson
  29. Sour D Runtz X Wilson

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